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The Wonder is a building that has been announced for the upcoming Season 2. The following sneak peaks have been release for the wonder:

Wonder menu.png

If you would like to learn more about the wonder, you can view the update here:

Pre-Season Update #3:

Pre-Season Update #4:

The Wonder is a new building that was announced to be released in Season 2. This building has had most of the information released recently in the trailer and in the recent forums post.

Wonder Tier 1
Avaliable Perks Price Description
2x Party Modifier Free Having multiple active members on your island at once rewards you with a 'party' bonus. This increases the amount of gold that you gain from depositing resources, having this modifier increases that bonus.
Repair prices halved Free When a building gets damaged you need to spend resources in order to repair it to make sure it does not get destroyed (full information about degradation later in the post) this perk reduces the cost of the resources required.
Wonder Tier 2
Avaliable Perks Price Description
Double warfare match bonus Free At the end of the war there is a match bonus given out to both teams. This perk doubles the match bonus for both teams, so if you and the other island have this perk.. that's even more gold
+20% extra on shield timers Free This perk adds 20% extra to any shield that you have on your island. If you use a 30 minute shield scroll with this perk, your shield will now be 36 minutes.
Wonder Tier 3
Avaliable Perks Price Description
10% chance of resources instantly respawning Free This is nice and simple, any resource you mine has a 10% chance to respawn instantly.
Permanent haste on the island Free This gives your tools haste when mining resources
Wonder Tier 4
Avaliable Perks Price Description
Buried Treasure Free Shown in the preview of the trailer, upon gathering resources you have a chance of a treasure map dropping, digging where the 'X' is digs up a casket, this contains tier 4 gear and will drop one per casket.
Increased drop rate of cargo keys Free When gathering resources you have a chance of collecting a cargo key fragment, this perk increases the chance of this occurring.

IMPORTANT: You can only unlock one perk per tier. Be careful, once you have chosen a perk, for that tier, it can not be undone.


October 31, 2020 Added Wonder.