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The Wizards Tower is a place-able building that can be constructed at any location on the island and can also be upgraded using an island's resources. This building allows for players to purchase enchantment books with gold for use on tools, armor, and weapons. To purchase enchantment books, the player must speak with Harry's a Wizard inside the Wizards Tower. The Wizard Tower can have skins, which changes its layout and cosmetic look. Current Wizard Tower skins include Human skin (default), Elven skin, Ninja Skin, Futuristic skin, and Demonic skin.

Enchantment NPC.png
This is the NPC found inside the Wizards Tower building.

Each tier of the Wizards Tower will provide players with the ability to purchase higher tier enchantment books. In order to apply these enchantments to items, a player must drag and drop them onto the item of choice OR use an enchantment table found in the Wizards Tower building. Each enchantment listed below in found in every building tier after its original listing.

Enchantment GUI.png
This is the GUI that opens when speaking to Harry's a Wizard in a tier 4 Wizards Tower.


Wizards Tower 1
Enchantments Price Utility
Unbreaking I 25 gold 35% increase in durability
Wizards Tower 2
Enchantments Price Utility
Sharpness I 55 gold 0.5 physical damage increase
Protection I 30 gold 15%-50% increase in physical resistance*
Power I 50 gold 0.5 physical damage increase
*depends on the armor (Diamond = 15%, Iron= 20%, Chain = 30%, Leather = 50%)
Wizards Tower 3
Enchantments Price Utility
Unbreaking II 50 gold 55% increase in durability
Sharpness II 100 gold 1.0 physical damage increase
Protection II 60 gold 33%-100% increase in physical resistance*
Power II 100 gold 1.0 physical damage increase
*depends on the armor (Diamond = 33%, Iron= 35%, Chain = 50%, Leather = 100%)
Wizards Tower 4
Enchantments Price Utility
Unbreaking III 75 gold 80% increase in durability
Sharpness III 140 gold 1.5 physical damage increase
Protection III 90 gold 50%-135% increase in physical resistance*
Power III 140 gold 1.5 physical damage increase
*depends on the armor (Diamond = 50%, Iron= 55%, Chain = 73%, Leather = 135%)


Although this building supplies players with enchantment books to apply to warfare items, these enchantment books must be purchased and applied before Warfare starts. Thus, the building serves no purpose during warfare.


In order to upgrade the Wizards Tower, a player must expend Wood and Stone and also wait for the upgrade time to expire. Each upgrade also allows for Harry's A Wizard to sell higher quality enchantment books for players to purchase with Gold.

Construction of Wizards Tower 1 | 180 stone, 270 wood, 30 minutes | Rewards: Unbreaking I

Wizards Tower 1 → Wizards Tower 2 | 600 stone, 900 wood, 60 minutes | Rewards: Sharpness I, Power I, Protection I

Wizards Tower 2 → Wizards Tower 3 | 1780 stone, 2670 wood, 120 minutes | Rewards: Tier II enchantments

Wizards Tower 3 → Wizards Tower 4 | 3200 stone, 4800 wood, 240 minutes | Rewards: Tier III enchantments


December 21, 2019 Added Wizards Tower.
October 31, 2020 Added Demonic Skin


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