Island Clash Wiki

Disclaimer: This is a brief explanation. For a full explanation of each role check out Attackers and Defenders

When an island declares war, the player will have 60 seconds to prepare on their island before they are sent to the boat. During this time, it's best to make sure that they have armor and weapons to help defend or attack. The player will then be sent to the boat where they will spend 70 seconds waiting for the warfare island to load. Once the server has loaded, the defenders will be sent to the Townhall, and the attackers will either be sent to their chosen spawn location or a random spawn location if they have not chosen one. A war lasts 8 minutes and within that time, the attackers will aim to obtain 2 stars and steal resources from the loot chests, while the defenders will aim to save their resources and maintain control on at least 2 stars.

Screenshot 285

The 3 stars that are shown above the hotbar.

In order to win a war, one team must control at least 2 out of 3 stars. At the start of the war, all stars will be blue (the defender color).

1st star → 100% of cruxes destroyed

2nd star → Most kills

3rd star → 50% of cruxes destroyed

Screenshot 286

Scoreboard showing the score, time remaining, kills and deaths the player has.

To know which team has the most kills, the player can look over at the scoreboard on the right side of the screen under "Score". If the kill total is tied, the star is awarded to the defenders.

How gold is earned[]

Gold is awarded to all players at the end of Warfare. The amount awarded varies depending on how many kills a player had, how many deaths a player had, how many ranked players are in the war, and whether a player won or lost the war. An odd number of deaths will round down to the lesser subtraction. Gold awarded under "Match Bonus" is a flat reward given to all players for participation. A player with the Chief rank will give everyone in the War 2 extra gold, with the effect stacking for multiple ranked players (6 chiefs → +12 gold).

Rewards for Warfare

This is the rewards screen displayed in chat after a war has expired.


During warfare, defenders have to protect 4 main buildings - the Townhall, Warehouse, Logging Camp, and Mine. Defenders have two main objectives - kill oncoming attackers and prevent these attackers from destroying Cruxes in said 4 main buildings.

Spawn Point[]

Defenders will always spawn in the Townhall.

How to Win[]

A defender can win a war by making sure that 2 out of the 3 stars are blue (the defender color).


During warfare, attackers have to destroy 4 main buildings - the Townhall, Warehouse, Logging Camp, and Mine. Attackers have two main objectives - kill defenders and destroy Cruxes in said 4 main buildings.

Spawn Point[]

Attackers can spawn at 4 locations. These all depend on the tier of the War Camp.

War Camp 1 → Spawn 1 → Docks Spawn

War Camp 2 → Spawn 2 → Townhall Bridge Spawn

War Camp 3 → Spawn 3 → Mine Bridge Spawn

War Camp 4 → Spawn 4 → Logging Camp Hill Spawn

Attackers are able to choose their spawn point before Warfare starts by speaking to General Grumpy in the War Camp.

How to win[]

An attacker can win a war by making sure that 2 out of the 3 stars are red (the attacker color).