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This is the display found within every Townhall that tells players their resource count.

The Townhall is a building on the island that is pre-constructed and acts as a "home base." Players that connect to the island will spawn here. A holographic display found inside the Townhall will show the player the island's current resource statistics: Wood, Stone, Victory Points, and Totems. The Townhall can have a skin, which changes its layout, cosmetic look, and strategies around it. Current Townhall skins include the Human skin (default), Elven skin, Ninja skin, Futuristic skin, Demonic skin, Victorious skin, and Christmas 2019 skin.


During Warfare, defenders will spawn inside the Townhall. Attackers will be able to attack this building by destroying its Cruxes, thus lowering the Townhall's overall Health at the top of a player's screen. When the building's health is gone, the building will begin to break down. Because this building acts as the defender's "home base" during warfare, it has double the HP and thus doubles the number of Cruxes that need to be destroyed by oncoming attackers.


In order to upgrade the Townhall, a player must expend Wood and Stone and also wait for the upgrade time to expire. Additionally, Townhall upgrades increase an island's maximum member with a starting value of 6 members.

Townhall 1 → Townhall 2 | 240 stone, 160 wood, 45 minutes | Rewards: 11 maximum members, ability to construct tier 2 buildings

Townhall 2 → Townhall 3 | 1500 stone, 1000 wood, 90 minutes | Rewards: 15 maximum members, ability to construct tier 3 buildings

Townhall 3 → Townhall 4 | 3720 stone, 2480 wood, 180 minutes | Rewards: 18 maximum members, ability to construct tier 4 buildings

Crux Spawn Locations[]


December 21, 2019 Added Townhall.
December 23, 2019 Added Christmas 2019 Skin.
October 31, 2020 Decrease in maximum members from 24 to 18.
Added Victorious Skin.
Added Demonic Skin.
January 21, 2023 • Decrease in upgrade time for Townhall 1 → Townhall 2 from 45 to 30 minutes.
• Decrease in upgrade time for Townhall 2 → Townhall 3 from 90 to 60 minutes.
Decrease in upgrade time for Townhall 3 → Townhall 4 from 180 to 90 minutes.