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The Siege Workshop is a place-able building that can be constructed at any location on the island and can also be upgraded using an island's resources. This building allows for players to purchase traps, blockades and explosive items with Gold for use in Warfare with other islands. To purchase these items, the player must speak with Ziggs the Mad Scientist inside the building. The Siege Workshop can have skins, which changes its layout and cosmetic look. Current Seige Workshop skins include Human skin (default), Elven skin, Ninja skin, Futuristic skin, and Demonic skin.

Each tier of Siege Workshop will provide players with the ability to purchase new traps and explosives.


Siege Workshop 1
Item Sold Price Durability Utility
TNT Defuser 50 10 • 50% chance of diffusing TNT
• Failing to defuse explodes the TNT dealing 75% damage
• 5 second cooldown
Siege Workshop 2
Item Sold Price Damage Utility
Barricade x10 20 N/A • 2 health
Explosive Trap 50 3 true damage • 10 second cooldown
Siege Workshop 3
Item Sold Price Damage Utility
Grenade 50 2 true damage • Explodes after 3 seconds in a 3 block radius

• 15 second cooldown

Siege Workshop 4
Item Sold Price Damage Utility
Sticky Grenade 50 4 true damage • Binds to a player and explodes after 3 seconds
• Players in a 2 block radius take 20% damage
• 15 second cooldown
TNT 25 2 true damage • Explodes after 3.5 seconds
• Deals 2 damage to barricades and 40 damage to cruxes
• 20 second cooldown


In order to upgrade the Seige Workshop, a player must expend Wood and Stone and also wait for the upgrade time to expire. Each upgrade also allows for Ziggs the Mad Scientist to sell more vareity of goods for players to purchase with Gold.

Construction of Siege Workshop 1 | 280 stone, 170 wood, 25 minutes | Rewards: TNT Defuser

Seige Workshop 1 → Seige Workshop 2 | 1190 stone, 510 wood, 40 minutes | Rewards: Barricade, Explosive Trap available for purchase.

Seige Workshop 2 → Seige Workshop 3 | 3255 stone, 1395 wood, 65 minutes | Rewards: Grenade available for purchase.

Seige Workshop 3 → Seige Workshop 4 | 5740 stone, 2460 wood, 90 minutes | Rewards: Sticky Grenade, TNT available for purchase.


October 31, 2020 Added Siege Workshop.