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The Minor Cargo Crate is a crate that drops rewards such as: scrolls, gold and other types of crates like Enchantment or Potion Crates. Minor Cargo Crates require a Cargo Key to be able to open them. Minor Cargo Crates differ to Major Cargo Crates because they drop one reward instead of a two rewards like the Major Cargo.


Minor Cargo Crates can be obtained through warfare, a Victorious Chest, or can be bought for 60 gems from Sale Sal in the hub.


Icon Drops Amount Chance Rate
Sunflower.png Small Gold Pouch 125 18.96%
Sunflower.png Medium Gold Pouch 300 7.58%
Sunflower.png Large Gold Pouch 550 4.74%
Name Tag.png Minor Building Scroll 1 11.37%
Name Tag.png Minor Shield Scroll 1 14.22%
Name Tag.png Minor Repair Scroll 1 8.53%
Name Tag.png Major Building Scroll 1 6.64%
Name Tag.png Major Shield Scroll 1 6.64%
Name Tag.png Major Repair Scroll 1 3.79%
Name Tag.png Treasure Scroll 1 4.74%
Name Tag.png Harvest Scroll 1 4.74%
Potion Crate.png Potion Crate 1 3.79%
Enchantment Crate.png Enchantment Crate 1 3.79%
Major Cargo Crate.png Major Cargo Crate 1 0.47%


October 31, 2020 Minor Cargo Crate.png Added Minor Cargo Crate.