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The Mine is a building on a player's island that has been pre-constructed, can be upgraded with an island's resources, and is where a player can mine Stone. Pickaxes can be purchased with Gold inside the Mine by speaking to Mini the Miner. The Shop Restock feature is currently not implemented. Ores can be found throughout the mine, spawning in set locations, and can be broken to award the player with Stone in varying quantities. Ore cannot be broken without the use of an pickaxe, making the purchase of an pickaxe required. Contrary to Vanilla Minecraft, pickaxes do not do damage in PvP and thus should not be used as a weapon in Warfare. The Mine can have a skin, which changes its layout, cosmetic look, and strategies around it. Current Mine skins include the Human skin (Default), Elven skin, Ninja skin, and Futuristic Skin.

This is the menu that opens when speaking to Mini the Miner in a tier 4 Mine.

Different tiers also have different percentage of ores that spawn these are:
T1: Coal 85%, Iron 12% Gold 3%
T2: Coal 60%, Iron 30%, Gold 7%, Lapis 3%
T3: Coal 40%, Iron 40%, Gold 10%, Lapis 8% Diamond 2%
T4: Coal 20%, Iron 30%, Gold 25%, Lapis 12% Diamond, 5% Emerald 3%

Each ore listed below will give the player the defined amount of stone when broken. If left untouched, redstone ore will randomly transform into Lapis Lazuli Ore for a brief amount of time. Breaking redstone will result in no stone being awarded.

Coal Ore → 1 stone

Iron Ore → 2 stone

Gold Ore → 4 stone

Redstone Ore → 0 stone

Lapis Lazuli Ore → 6 stone

Diamond → 8 stone

Emerald → 16 stone


Chests labeled like this can be broken during war by attackers.

During Warfare, attackers will be able to attack this building by destroying its Cruxes, thus lowering its HP at the top of a player's screen. When the building's health is gone, the building will begin to break down. Chests found around the Mine labeled "LOOT" are breakable by attackers. The breaking of these chests will result in attackers stealing the defender's resources for themselves. Axes can be brought by attackers to expedite the breaking of these chests. The Mine is the farthest building from the defender's spawn, and thus can be an extremely easy target for attackers.


In order to upgrade the Mine, a player must expend Wood and Stone and also wait for the Upgrade time to expire. Each upgrade also allows for Mini the Miner to sell higher quality pickaxes for players to purchase with Gold. In addition, each Mine upgrade will add more higher quality ores for players to mine and more spawn locations for ores to appear, adding to the starting value of 6 spawning locations.

Mine 1 → Mine 2 | 192 stone, 48 wood, 30 minutes | Rewards: Stone Pickaxes, Redstone/Lapis Lazuli Ore, 10 ore spawn locations

Mine 2 → Mine 3 | 2000 stone, 500 wood, 60 minutes | Rewards: Iron Pickaxes, Diamond Ore, 14 ore spawn locations

Mine 3 → Mine 4 | 3840 stone, 960 wood, 90 minutes | Rewards: Diamond Pickaxes, Emerald Ore, 18 ore spawn locations

Crux Spawn Locations


December 21, 2019 Added Mine.