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The Logging Camp is a building on a player's island that has been pre-constructed, can be upgraded with an island's resources, and is where a player can chop Wood. Axes can be purchased with Gold inside the Logging Camp by speaking to Bob the Lumberjack. Wood cannot be broken without the use of an axe, making the purchase of an axe required.

Bob the Lumberjack

This is the menu that opens when speaking to Frank the Tank in a tier 4 Logging Camp.

Only logs found inside the Logging Camp can be chopped. Logs travel down the chute into the bin which can be mined, the resource recieved from the logs can be deposited in the Warehouse for storage and for Gold. The Logging Camp can have a skin, which changes its layout, cosmetic look, and strategies around it. Current Logging Camp skins include the Human skin (default), Elven skin, Ninja skin, Futuristic skin, Demonic skin, and Christmas 2020 skin.


Logging Camp 1
Item Sold Price Durability Damage
Damaged Axe 2 gold 40 durability 3 physical damage
Logging Camp 2
Item Sold Price Durability Damage
Repaired Axe 15 gold 90 durability 3 physical damage
Logging Camp 3
Item Sold Price Durability Damage
Sturdy Axe 50 gold 200 durability 4 physical damage
Logging Camp 4
Item Sold Price Durability Damage
Enhanced Axe 175 gold 425 durability 4 physical damage

Types of Logs

log types have special circumstances when mined.

Log Type Planks Given Townhall Level Obtainable Special Circumstances
Oak 1 1+
Spruce 2 1+
Birch 2 2+ Has a 10% chance of to spawn sawdust (see below)
Dark Oak 3 3+ Will use double the durability off of your axe
Acacia 4 4 Has a 10% chance to spawn TNT (see below)
Jungle 4-6 4 Will spawn jungle wood after mining, which will then give two planks


Birch logs will get infested with pesky termites when the block is not broken in a certain amount of time. The block will end up exploding with termites, and they will begin to attack you. Termites do not drop anything and provide do not provide a reward, and the goal is to become a nuisance.


Acacia wood has explosive properties and can spawn a TNT in place of the log if not broken in time. Upon the explosion of the TNT, the collection of wood in the logging camp will explode, and will create a fire in your log chute. Logs will no longer spawn until the fire is extinguished manually. The TNT will also launch any player nearby the logging camp high into the air.


Loot chests

Chests labeled like this can be broken during war by attackers.

During Warfare, attackers will be able to attack this building by destroying its Cruxes, thus lowering its HP at the top of a player's screen. When the building's health is gone, the building will begin to break down. Chests found around the Logging Camp labeled "LOOT" are breakable by attackers. The breaking of these chests will result in attackers stealing the defender's resources for themselves. Axes can be brought by attackers to expedite the breaking of these chests. The Logging Camp is the second farthest building from the defender's spawn, and thus can be easily targeted by attackers.


In order to upgrade the Logging Camp, a player must expend Wood and Stone and also wait for the upgrade time to expire. Each upgrade also allows for Bob the Lumberjack to sell higher quality axes for players to purchase with Gold. In addition, each Logging Camp upgrade will increase the size of the bin and allow for new log types to spawn for players to chop.

Logging Camp 1 → Logging Camp 2 | 48 stone, 192 wood, 30 minutes | Rewards: Stone Axes and Birch logs

Logging Camp 2 → Logging Camp 3 | 500 stone, 2000 wood, 60 minutes | Rewards: Iron Axes and Dark oak logs

Logging Camp 3 → Logging Camp 4 | 960 stone, 3840 wood, 90 minutes | Rewards: Diamond Axes, Acacia and Jungle logs

Crux Spawn Locations


December 21, 2019 Added Logging Camp.
October 31, 2020 Added Demonic Skin
December 25, 2020 Added Christmas 2020 skin.
January 21, 2023 Changed how logs are mined and added new log types.