Island Clash is a Minecraft Server based on the games Clash of Clans and Age of Empires. This unique gamemode allows players to create their own islands, construct and upgrade buildings, and participate in Warfare with other islands.

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150px-Book and Quill
Town Hall
Minecart chest-1
150px-Iron Axe JE4 BE2
Logging Camp
150px-Iron Pickaxe JE2 BE2
Iron Sword JE2 BE2
War Camp
Ender Chest
150px-Beacon JE6 BE2
150px-Anvil JE3 BE2
150px-Uncraftable Potion
150px-Bookshelf JE4 BE2
Wizards Tower
150px-TNT JE2 BE2
Siege Workshop




IDQ-IslandClash Gold 1
SkyRoyals-Gem Icons Cache
Vote token
Vote tokens

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get gold?

A page dedicated to all the ways that one can get gold can be found here.

How do I join an island?

A player can join an island that has its recruitment status set as open. One can either use /quickjoin to join any available island or find a specific island by speaking with Captain Adama. A player can be transported to Captain Adama by opening up one's clock and selecting The Islands. When speaking to Adama, one can find a list of all online islands by selecting Explore. Any island that has its recruitment status set as request will require the island's high ranking members to accept one's join request before joining the island.

How do I create an island?

To create an island, a player will need 500 gold. Any player who wishes to create their own island must speak with Captain Adama. One can be transported to Captain Adama by opening up one's clock and selecting The Islands. Once one has spoken to Adama, click Create. After choosing a name for the island, the island's purchaser will be sailed to said island. Let the clashing begin!

How do I leave an island?

In order for a player to leave an island, the player must be present on the island. The player can open the clock, select Player Management, and select Leave Island. The leaving player will be sent back to the hub and will be able to join another island or create their own island.

What does the woodcutter do?

Absolutely nothing. Ignore its existence entirely. Want to know why its functionality was removed? Refer here.

How do I link my account?

Currently, linking your Minecraft account to the forums is not possible and will be fixed soon. Linking your Minecraft to the Island Clash Discord, however, is possible. Go to #bot-commands in the Discord and type "!link" Further instructions will be provided in the form of a Discord direct message.

Why can't I put my items in General Grumpy?

Kudos to you for attempting this, you played old Island Clash! We now carry over your inventory between servers, so no need to put your war items in an NPC!

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