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The Gold Victorious Chest is a crate that is given at the start of the season from the Bank, depending on where the player placed the previous season, which contains rewards that allow players to get a head start. The crate gives 3 rewards.


Gold Victorious Chest can be obtained from placing in gold league at the end of a season.


Icon Drops Amount Chance Rate
Victorious Armor Crate.png Victorious Armor Crate 1 26.66%
Stone Crate.png Stone Crate 1 10%
Wood Crate.png Wood Crate 1 10%
Gold Crate.png Gold Crate 1 5%
Minor Cargo Crate.png Minor Cargo Crate 1 3.33%
Major Cargo Crate.png Major Cargo Crate 1 1.67%
Essence Capsule.png Essence Capsule 1 1.67%
Name Tag.png Minor Shield Scroll 1 5%
Name Tag.png Minor Repair Scroll 1 5%
Stone Pickaxe.png Victorious Pickaxe 1 8.33%
TNT.png TNT 1 6.67%
Wool.png Barricade 1 6.67%
Shears.png TNT Defuser 1 6.67%
Tripwire Hook.png Cargo Key 1 3.33%


December 21, 2019 Gold Victorious Chest.png Added Gold Victorious Chest.