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Gold is the basic currency of Island Clash. It is used to buy items at the Logging Camp, Mine, Armory, Weaponsmith, Fletchers, Alchemists, Siege Workshop, and Wizards Tower. Whether the player needs armor, weapons, or tools, they must have gold to buy them. A player's gold balance can be seen on the right-hand display in the lobby, the island, and /stats.


Daily Rewards

This type of reward can be obtained in two different ways: One can use the command “/daily” or talk to the Postier in the lobby. When the player uses “/daily” or talk to the Postier, a menu is prompted with a minecart and chest. The first time they click on the minecart and chest, they will receive 25 gold. For every day (24 hour period) that the player keeps the streak going by collecting it day after day, the amount they receive increases by 5 gold. The amount of gold will cap off at 50 despite the amount the description says.

Gold Ore in Hub

The Gold ore found in the hub can be right-clicked on. When done, a piece of gold will be shot out into the air for the player to retrieve. The amount received is randomly generated between 1 and 5 gold. These gold ores never spawn in the same location and can sometimes be in hard to reach places.  

Buying Gold

Players are able to purchase gold with gems by talking to Sale Sal in the hub. There are four different purchase options available to the players through Sale Sal.

  • Pouch of Gold - 250 gold for 165 gems
  • Bag of Gold - 500 gold for 300 gems
  • Chest of Gold - 1,000 gold for 550 gems
  • Trove of Gold - 2,000 gold for 1,000 gems

Conquest Shop

Players are able to spend Influence at the conquest shop in the hub at Jorah The Explorer.

  • Bag of Gold - 500 gold for 50 influence

Collecting and Depositing Resources

One can chop wood at the Logging Camp and/or mine stone at the Mine and deposit these resources in the chests at the Warehouse for gold. For every two resources deposited, one gold is awarded.


Gold is awarded to all players at the end of Warfare. The amount awarded varies depending on how many kills a player had, how many deaths a player had, how many ranked players are in the War, and whether a player won or lost the war. An odd number of deaths will round down to the lesser subtraction. Gold awarded under "Match Bonus" is a flat reward given to all players for participation. A player with the Chief rank will give everyone in the War 2 extra gold, with the effect stacking for multiple ranked players (6 chiefs → +12 gold).

  • 1 kill → +3 gold
  • 2 deaths → -1 gold
  • Match Bonus → +15 gold
  • Rank present → +2-3 gold
  • Win → +25 gold
  • MVP → +5 gold

The gold given for the match bonus can be doubled using the Wonder tier 2 perk "Double warfare match bonus".


December 21, 2019 Sunflower Added Gold.