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The Fletchers is a place-able building that can be constructed at any location on the island and can also be upgraded using an island's resources. This building allows for players to purchase bows and arrows with Gold for use in Warfare. To purchase bows and arrows, one must speak with Arnie the Archer inside the Fletchers building. The Shop Restock feature is currently not implemented.

Each tier of Fletchers will provide players with the ability to purchase bows with increased damage and durability and arrows in bulk at a discounted price. All entries listed below are found in every tier Fletchers after their original listing.

This is the GUI that opens when speaking to Arnie the Archer in a tier 4 Fletchers.

Fletchers 1
Item Sold Price Durability Damage
Damaged Bow 30 gold 30 durability 3.0 physical damage
Arrow x16 5 gold N/A N/A
Fletchers 2
Item Sold Price Durability Damage
Repaired Bow 65 gold 64 durability 4.0 physical damage
Arrow x32 10 gold N/A N/A
Fletchers 3
Item Sold Price Durability Damage
Sturdy Bow 115 gold 128 durability 5.0 physical damage
Item Sold Price Durability Damage
Enhanced Bow 170 gold 256 durability 6.0 physical damage
Arrow x64 20 gold N/A N/A


Although this building supplies players with bows and arrows to use in Warfare, these must be purchased before Warfare starts. Thus, the building serves no purpose during Warfare.


In order to upgrade the Fletchers, a player must expend Wood and Stone and also wait for the Upgrade time to expire. Each upgrade also allows for Arnie the Archer to sell higher quality bows and cheaper arrows for players to purchase with Gold.

Construction of Fletchers 1 | 24 stone, 96 wood, 25 minutes | Reward: Damaged Bow, Arrow x16

Fletchers 1 → Fletchers 2 | 90 stone, 360 wood, 50 minutes | Reward: Repaired Bow, Arrow x32

Fletchers 2 → Fletchers 3 | 300 stone, 1200 wood, 75 minutes | Reward: Sturdy Bow

Fletchers 3 → Fletchers 4 | 1040 stone, 4160 wood, 100 minutes | Reward: Enhanced Bow, Arrow x64


December 21, 2019 Added Fletchers.