Island Clash Wiki

Defenders will have their island declare war on. This will trigger a countdown of 60 seconds which should be used to prepare for war by getting armor, weapons, and other items to aid in the war. The players will then be sent to the boat where they will spend 70 seconds waiting for the warfare island to load, at 10 seconds the defenders will be sent to to warfare island and will spawn in their townhall, these 10 seconds allow for the defenders to have time to prepare defences. After the 10 seoconds, the attackers will spawn at four different spawn location depending on the one they chose. A war lasts 8 minutes and within the time the defenders will aim to keep atleast 2 stars and prevent attackers from destorying cruxes and stealing loot.

How to win[]

Screenshot 285

The 3 stars that are shown above the hotbar

A defender can win a war by ensuring they have 2 out of the 3 stars blue (the defender color).

Attackers can keep the first star by defending all the cruxes in each of the four main buildings. The Townhall, Warehouse, Logging Camp, and Mine.

Warfare scoreboard

Scoreboard showing the score, time remaining, kills, and deaths the player has

The second star can be kept by having the most total kills as defenders. This can be found on the scoreboard during warfare.

The third star can be kept by preventing the attackers from destroying 50% of the cruxes.

Defenders need to have at least 2 of the stars when the war ends to ensure that they've won.

Spawn Point[]

Defenders will always spawn in their Townhall.

While attackers can spawn at 4 locations. These all depend on the tier of the War Camp.

Attackers are able to choose their spawn point before Warfare starts by speaking to General Grumpy in the War Camp.

War Camp Tier Spawn Location Image and Information
1 Spawn 1
Spawn 1

Spawn 1

At spawn 1 the attackers spawn on the dock near the Town Hall.
2 Spawn 1 and 2
Spawn 2

Spawn 2

At spawn 2 the attackers spawn at the end of the field up in the mountains area that is across the bridge near the Town Hall.
3 Spawn 1, 2, and 3
Spawn 3

Spawn 3

At spawn 3 the attackers spawn at the end of the field near the mountain area that is near the Mine.
4 Spawn 1, 2, 3, and 4
Spawn 4

Spawn 4

At spawn 4 the attackers spawn on the giant tree near the Logging Camp.

A map of the island with the spawn locations and the locations of the buildings labeled can be found here.