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Conquest is an event where 15 islands compete to capture the center for 15 minutes. This King of the Hill event takes place at set times throughout the week. Each island, upon entry to Conquest, will be assigned a team color and spawn point on the Conquest map. Every spawn point is equal distantance from the center - except White team spawn, a spawn acquired from being the #1 sponsor.


Sponsorship serves two purposes in the realm of Conquest. Its first role is to qualify the players island for enrollment in the event itself. With a hard limit of 15 islands designated for the event, the top 15 sponsors will be accepted to play in Conquest. Its second role is to allow islands to compete for the top sponsor. The top sponsor receives the most advantageous spawn in the event - White team spawn - which is ~10 blocks closer to the center.

How to Win

An island can win Conquest by capturing the center point for a combined total of 15 minutes. This means, for example, if White team captures the center point for two minutes before they lose control, the next time they capture the center, their win timer will start back at two minutes. A capture of the center is defined as only an islands team on the center point with no one else contesting. In order to remove an island from control of the center, one must first eliminate all contestants on the center point.

The Wizen

The Wizen is a boss that appears in the center of the capture point after ?? minutes of the Conquest starting. The Wizen disrupts fights in the capture point by making players levitate when they're hit by the Wizen. The island that kills the Wizen gets gold as a reward, the amount of gold they get depends on what stage the Wizen is in. The Wizen has 4 stages young, old, ancient, and world destroyer. Each stage the Wizen gets stronger, gaining more health and dealing more damage.




October 31, 2020 Added Conquest.