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Updated: January 21, 2023

Welcome to the full Season 3 changelog, listed below are all the features, bugs and issues we have fixed and added into the game. Bugs and issues also include some issues we had while adding these new features into the game.
Credit: Each feature/bug will be labelled by the developer who was involved


1 - Main features and poll results
2 - Smaller features categorised into island, warfare, and general
3 - Bugs categorised into island, warfare, and general


15 Islands compete to take over a long-lost temple. Teams must hold the center point for 15 minutes total to win the game, however, you will be competing with all the other islands to do this. It is big king of the hill (KOTH).

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Island Queue[]

Creates a queue where players in parties can join up and queue in an attempt to be placed into a free island or put into an existing island.

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Logging Camp Revamp[]

Completely revamped the way you gain wood. Adds new wood types and ability to have more people participate in the activity.

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Skills in Melee, Ranged, Defence, Agility, Mining, and Woodcutting, gain experience by participating in those activities to claim the top rankings and allow yourself use to Custom Items!

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Custom Items[]

Adds new Unique Custom Items which have cool effects. These drop from Mob events and occasionally show in some building shops!

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Mob Events[]

Mobs invade, infest and storm your island randomly. Giving rewards, custom items and penalties if not finished in time.

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Island Level[]

Island Level is created so that you can no longer fully max every building on your island. Every building and/or upgrade counts as 1 level.

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  • The logging camp now has different rarities of logs, similar to ores in the mine. -Unknowncmbk
  • Sawdust can now spawn from Birch logs. If the sawdust is not destroyed, silverfish will spawn and attack the player. -Unknowncmbk
  • TNT can now spawn from Acacia logs. The explosion clears out all remaining logs and starts fires which must be put out in order to continue log production. -Unknowncmbk
  • The logging camp will now speed up log production based on the amount of active players in the logging camp. -Unknowncmbk
  • Logs now fill the logging camp bin in a random order to prevent the player from predicting where it will fill next. -Unknowncmbk
  • Buried treasure has been buffed to include better, more unique rewards. A chat message now notifies all players on the island if a mob event has been cleared. -davidlang55
  • Mob spawning will begin 3 seconds after the chat message notifies players of a beginning mob event. -davidlang55
  • Players can no longer deposit resources into the warehouse/bank while a mob event is active. -davidlang55
  • Players can no longer use double jump or building teleportation while a mob event is active. -davidlang55
  • Mob events will now spawn mobs equally between two spawnpoints in larger buildings such as the Warehouse and the Mine. -davidlang55
  • Mobs now have a health indicator to show their current HP amount. -davidlang55
  • (/disablemobevent true/false) has been implemented and will enable/disable mob events from spawning on the current island server. -Ryaen
  • Mobs on the island no longer give the same amount of Melee/Defense/Ranged XP as players in combat. -Ryaen
  • If there are no available/suitable islands to declare war on, a message is now sent in chat to notify the players of the island. -Excel
  • /shieldremove has been implemented and will remove an island's shield from an island server. -Ryaen
  • Islands now have a limited amount of total building upgrades available measured by Island Level. The max island level is 40. -Unknowncmbk
  • Building levels can now exceed the island's Townhall level. -Unknowncmbk
  • Match score calculations originally from Warfare Queue are now tied into Warfare Target Select. -Unknowncmbk
  • The system for starting a warfare is changing to Target Select. -Unknowncmbk
  • Wood and stone are now custom items to accommodate alternate methods of resource collection. -Unknowncmbk
  • The warehouse now only accepts custom item versions of wood and stone as an input. -Unknowncmbk
  • Core buildings (Town Hall, Warehouse, Logging Camp, Mine) can now be reset back to level 1 -.davidlang55


  • War Camp now gives extra gold per level in the post-war gold breakdown. -Unknowncmbk
  • Crux damage/healing in warfare now scales with the number of players. -davidlang55
  • Crux damage/healing in warfare now scales depending on team size difference. -davidland55
  • Players will now be rewarded for destroying or protecting cruxes in war to incentivize protecting/destroying cruxes in extraneous buildings. -davidlang55
  • Crux protection/destruction incentive now divides among all participants of a team instead of awarding the full amount to each player. -davidlang55
  • Players are reminded of global warfare gold boosters before the warfare begins. -Excel
  • The post-war gold breakdown now includes gold earned through boosters. -Excel
  • All metrics that give gold in the post-war gold breakdown have been increased. -Unknowncmbk
  • An island will forfeit a war after 60 seconds of concurrent absence from Warfare. -Unknowncmbk
  • All players will spawn at the start of the warfare instance. -Unknowncmbk
  • The player differential limit in warfare (more than the smaller team) has been changed to +2 or +3 depending on team numbers. -Unknowncmbk
  • The player differential limit in warfare only applies after players have died. -Unknowncmbk
  • The player differential limit in warfare will be entirely removed if both teams has 7 or more players. -Unknowncmbk


  • Players no longer spawn into Conquest with a temple-tracking compass due to a simplified Conquest map. -Ryaen
  • In Conquest, the Wizen now gives players increasing levels of weakness the further they travel from the Wizen. -Ryaen
  • The Wizen will teleport the currently capturing team to itself. -Ryaen
  • Winning a Conquest no longer awards a Totem. -Aiboh
  • Influence values for Conquest placements have been changed to accommodate Totem purchasing. -Aiboh


  • Players wishing to join an island can now join a queue to create an island with other players. -Unknowncmbk
  • Staff members will now get a chat notification notifying them that another staff member has joined the server. -LINCKODE
  • A load option has been added to the entity builder -Unknowncmbk
  • Potion effects such as blindness, slowness, poison, etc. can now be added as an on-hit effect. -Unknowncmbk
  • Axes now have a collection rate trait to change mining speeds. -Unknowncmbk
  • Mobs can now have potion effects such as speed, regeneration, strength, etc. -Unknowncmbk
  • A trait for a Villager Zombie has been added to the entity builder. -Unknowncmbk
  • Mobs can now be given a trait to resist projectiles in order to prevent cheesing mob events with bows. -Unknowncmbk
  • Skills now have an overall level cap of 20. XP can go past 20 for showcase on the leaderboards. -Excel
  • Players can now equip items obtained from a drop party to their hotbar for use. -Excel
  • Global boosters are now displayed through a bossbar on the appropriate server (island, warfare, conquest, etc.) -Excel
  • A new player now starts with 10 gold. This includes players returning at the start of a season. -Unknowncmbk
  • Shields can now be applied to islands network wide. -Ryaen
  • Menus for island creation and island creation queue have been created and integrated with previous menu structure. -Unknowncmbk
  • A bossbar has been implemented to show the queue time to players currently in the queue. -Unknowncmbk
  • (/islandqueue true|false) has been implemented as a killswitch for island creation queue in case of doomsday scenarios. -Unknowncmbk
  • Newly created islands created through the island creation queue now have access to a free /rename command to choose the island name. -Unknowncmbk
  • Skill leaderboards have been implemented to publically share the server's XP leaders in particular skills. -Unknowncmbk
  • Global boosters now have a global message when initialized. -Ryaen
  • Skaarl the Skill Master can now be found in the Hub and shows global skill leaderboards. -Unknowncmbk
  • Players can now /tip players that activate global gold boosters. -Unknowncmbk
  • Barricades now have a max stack size of 32 (originally 10). -Unknowncmbk
  • A new rank, Lord/Lady, has been added to the shop for purchase. -Unknowncmbk
  • Purchaseable player ranks starting from Lord/Lady now have a perk to discount purchases made with gems from Sale Sal. -davidlang55
  • Lord/Lady ranks now have a bi-weekly party favor reward. -Ryaen
  • Sale Sal now contains relevant information to the new Lord/Lady rank. -Ryaen
  • When purchasing a skin pack from the store, any duplicate skins previously owned are refunded for 50% of its Gem value. -LINCKODE
  • Added speed/strength extended II to the T4 potion crate.
  • A conquest shop has been added to spend Influence awarded from Conquest on items, including Totems. -Ryaen
  • FROG PET -Ryaen


  • Unlocking an island at the start of a new season now grants a shield as if the island was just created. -Excel
  • Clicking on an item outside the play area in a cave-in minigame will no longer take remaining moves away from the player. -LINCKODE
  • Certain problems with mob events no longer crash the island server. -davidlang55
  • Islands with a shield no longer appear in the warfare target selection menu. -Unknowncmbk
  • Mobs spawned from the horde event now choose one player instead of splitting between all players. -davidlang55
  • Warehouse Raid Tier 4 now spawns the correct type and amount of mobs. -davidlang55
  • Islands with a shield can now open the warfare target selection menu; however, this does remove the island's shield. -LINCKODE/Excel
  • Mobs spawned through a mob event will now despawn and damage the invaded structure instead of existing until the island is deloaded. -davidlang55
  • Players no longer have the GUI option to change the Wonder building's skin as it is not a skinned building. -LINCKODE
  • After all possible buildings have been built, an Overhaul era chat message has been replaced to reflect current building design. -LINCKODE
  • Wool included in certain logging camp skins is no longer replaced with produced logs. -Unknowncmbk
  • Changing a building skin will no longer impact a shield's effectiveness at preventing attack. -Unknowncmbk
  • Building skin changes now take an appropriate time to reskin the building. -Ryaen
  • Small changes have been made to the Wonder's lore in its GUI. -Ryaen
  • Players now have the ability to change a building's skin back to HUMAN if it has been reskinned to another skin. -davidlang55
  • An in-progress building reskinning will now continue after players return from warfare. -Unknowncmbk
  • TownHhall and Warehouse can now be correctly reset by the player if wanted. -davidlang55
  • Warfare select is now properly regarded as "Select Target" in the GUI/lore (when warfare queue is disabled). -Ryaen
  • Players can no longer resign from an island during Conquest. -Ryaen
  • Going to war when a building is being reskinned no longer breaks warfare and no longer resets building level. -Unknowncmbk
  • Players can no longer purchase infinite custom items from shopkeepers by reopening the shop menu. -Unknowncmbk
  • Mobs now correctly path across rails when pathing to the player. -Craig
  • Mob events have been tuned to accommodate different player counts after sufficient testing. -davidlang55
  • Mob events will no longer start when no one is on the island. -Aiboh
  • Warfare can no longer be declared from an island with an ongoing mob event. -Aiboh
  • A recruit limit display can now be found in the Recruit menu with a timer until next reset provided. -Aiboh


  • Players can no longer type chat messages when the post-war gold breakdown is occurring. -Excel
  • Crux damage in warfare no longer counts non-fighting members of the attacking island. -davidlang55
  • Crux healing in low defender scenarios now scales correctly. -davidlang55
  • Defending players can no longer pick up their own loot in warfare. -Unknowncmbk
  • The new custom versions of wood and stone resources can no longer be placed during Warfare. -Unknowncmbk
  • Barricades, cobwebs, explosives, etc. can no longer be placed on spawnpoints in Warfare. -Unknowncmbk
  • Barricades can no longer be placed within core buildings (Town Hall, Warehouse, Logging Camp, Mine). -Unknowncmbk
  • Signs and wool used for logging camp functionality are now correctly removed in Warfare. -Ryaen
  • Staff members can now locally broadcast messages to all participants of a warfare instance instead of using /g. -Ryaen
  • A defender's inventory is not wiped when a defender dies during the warmup period of Warfare. -Ryaen
  • Defenders who join with less than 20 seconds on the warmup timer are now correctly teleported to the Town Hall. -Ryaen
  • Players no longer get stuck on the boat when joining after the defenders initially get teleported. -Ryaen


  • /stats now works for players in different servers and offline players. -Excel
  • Buying an item from Pedro only notifies players in the hub of the purchase and no longer the entire server. -LINCKODE
  • Sir Chesterly no longer informs players that Cargo Keys can be purchased. -LINCKODE
  • /setprice now allows for 0 gold as an argument. -LINCKODE
  • The BARRICADE trait no longer transforms blocks into wool blocks. -Unknowncmbk
  • Arrows can now trigger on-hit potion effects such as blindness, slowness, poison, etc. -Unknowncmbk
  • (/currency set) now sets the player's gold amount to the specified argument instead of adding the gold to the previously existing amount. -LINCKODE
  • Jump boost potions dropped from drop parties can no longer be used in the hub parkour. -Excel
  • Item lore and menus related to drop parties have been updated to reflect the changes made to drop parties. -Ryaen
  • Drop tables shared between mobs now function with both mobs. -Unknowncmbk
  • A mob with multiple drop tables will now respect both drop tables. -Unknowncmbk
  • Poison and wither effects now do true and magic damage respectively instead of the previous physical damage. -Unknowncmbk
  • Baby Cow Pet is now common rarity instead of the previous epic rarity. -Ryaen
  • Players can now place the Tower schematic purchased in the building basics tutorial. -LINCKODE
  • Pro Tip chat message no longer states incorrect tutorial information. -LINCKODE
  • During the resource collection tutorial, Bob the Lumberjack now provides the player with a free axe to continue. -LINCKODE
  • Sequencing issues during the resource collection tutorial have been fixed. -LINCKODE
  • The resource collection tutorial now includes the updated logging camp. -Unknowncmbk
  • Ores can now be mined and correctly give stone in the resource collection tutorial. -LINCKODE
  • Lore in the resource collection tutorial has been updated to reflect the changes in the tutorial. -LINCKODE
  • Players are no longer allowed to purchase multiple of the same Victorious skin in the hub. -Unknowncmbk
  • Chat messages, menus, and item lore for hub NPCs has been changed to reflect changes and additions of currencies. -Ryaen
  • Broken users stemming from account migration are now automatically repaired, restoring island ownership and ability to join. -Unknowncmbk
  • If a player incorrectly places a block in a tutorial instance, the player's inventory is updated to return the block to the inventory. -LINCKODE
  • Code relating the the proxy is now optimized for large player amounts. -LINCKODE
  • Traits given to a player through an equip are now reset upon relogging to prevent infinite stacking of traits. -Unknowncmbk
  • Roles will now update when joining the hub server. -Unknowncmbk
  • Menu for picking a civilization has been removed as civilizations are no longer utilized. -Unknowncmbk
  • Players are no longer able to create islands while in the island creation queue. -Unknowncmbk
  • The top tier drop party has been rebalanced. -Unknowncmbk
  • An instance of Slowness effect no longer makes a player faster after expiry. -Unknowncmbk
  • A player will no longer be notified twice of gold rewards from Cargo Crates. -Ryaen
  • Natural health regeneration has been changed to mimic more closely to vanilla. -Ryaen
  • Natural health regeneration no longer removes the visual effect of a regeneration potion. -Unknowncmbk
  • Rank increases from Drop Parties now give gems if the player already has a permanent rank. -Ryaen
  • /tip now works across all servers. -Unknowncmbk
  • Chat messages indicating a gold booster have been made prettier. -Unknowncmbk
  • The punishment system, Jarvis, now correctly kicks players after a punishment. -Unknowncmbk
  • Melee and Defense XP is now correctly awarded to the player. -Ryaen
  • Picking up a rank extension drop party item will now reward permanently ranked players with Gems. -Ryaen
  • Shooting a bow no longer has a broken animation. -Ryaen Drinking a potion no longer has a broken animation. -Ryaen
  • Drinking speed potions no longer lowers your default walking speed after the potion effect wears off. -Unknowncmbk
  • Speed modifiers now apply correctly to players. -Unknowncmbk
  • Instances where Speed was too fast have now been toned down. -Ryaen
  • The maximum XP amount was changed from 101333 to 13034431. -Ryaen
  • Skill leaderboards have been optimized and aesthetically improved. -Ryaen
  • Rank modifiers for voting have been nerfed on all ranks. -Ryaen Poison can no longer kill the player. -Aiboh
  • Weakness no longer disarms the player entirely. -Ryaen
  • Rank discounts no longer apply to every shop in the hub. -Aiboh
  • Any instance of an interactable armor stand no longer provides melee XP when hit. -Ryaen
  • Cobwebs can now only be broken by TNT. -Ryaen
  • The invulnerable time between hits in combat has been changed to 19 (previously 20). This should result in better hit registration. - Ryaen


  • The new custom versions of wood and stone resources can no longer be placed during Conquest. -Unknowncmbk
  • The World Destroyer no longer pulls in players from anywhere on the map. -Ryaen
  • Players that join Conquest late are able to play and are no longer stuck on the boat. -Unknowncmbk
  • Duplicate kills will no longer be given to a player in Conquest if a player dies from fall damage after a preceding death. -Ryaen
  • Players can no longer drain the Conquest map of all its lava. -Unknowncmbk
  • Barricades, cobwebs, explosives, etc. can no longer be placed on spawnpoints in Conquest. -Unknowncmbk
  • Players can no longer die on the boat to Conquest. -Ryaen
  • Relogging after all lives have been lost no longer grants infinite lives. -Ryaen
  • Kill credit in Conquest is now awarded correctly when multiple damage sources are in play. -Ryaen