Island Clash Wiki
Updated: January 18, 2023


A huge welcome back to Conquest! Conquest was added to Island Clash back in March 2016 (wow). It has taken a lot to get Conquest back and updated. You can imagine how old that code is.

We have made a few changes to Conquest, the main game change being the map. And a big change to how the game runs/starts.

Credit and thanks to: Unknowncmbk for updating Conquest so it can work again and Ryaen for fixing bugs and changing/updating some features.

If you haven't seen the trailer, watch it!

Map Changes[]

Anyone who has played Conquest before will remember the underground tunnels to find your way to the temple, and most likely getting completely lost on the way. We have streamlined this massively. There are no more tunnels, the map has been raised to one level. Every spawn point is spread equally around the map to the center and is the same number of blocks away from the nearest entrance.


Starting Conquest[]

Previously Conquest was on a constant timer which players could reduce by ‘sponsoring’ it with gold. This meant we could have multiple Conquests in a day because people would pour gold into it for a time which would benefit them greatly. This is changing. Conquest is now going to be scheduled to start at specific times. These days will be Wednesday and Saturday. Specific times are yet to be determined and will be announced in Discord in due course. The times will flip flop to suit EU timezones and NA timezones, as these are the most popular timezones. For example, Wed 5pm GMT and Sat 5pm EST, the following week it flip to Wed 5pm EST and Sat 5pm GMT. So on and so forth! We will have special weekends which will hold a Conquest on a Sunday too, those would be announced in advance.


Although sponsoring to shorten the timer is long gone, it is still very important to sponsor Conquest. Sponsoring conquest costs gold and rewards you with tickets. The more tickers you have, the higher the chance your island has to participate, only 15 islands can play at once. If you don’t sponsor, you might not get in. Aside from that, the island which has the most tickets from sponsorting will claim the coveted spawn 1. Dun dun dunnn.. With the new map, this spawn still gives an advantage compared to the previous map. It is a direct line towards a temple entrance and a shorter distance to run! Spawn 1 gets you to the temple faster than any other spawn.


The Conquest Event[]

15 Islands compete to take over a long-lost temple. Teams must hold the center point for 15 minutes total to win the game; however, you will be competing with all the other islands to do this. It is big king of the hill (KOTH). Conquest is late-game content, it is advised you only turn up in the best gear, tier 4, to stand a chance.


You do not have unlimited lives, and they are not individual. Your team has a set cumulative number of lives depending on how many players you have. Every time anyone on your team dies, your team lives will go down. Once your team is at 0 lives left, after dying, you will not respawn. Once there are no more alive members, your island will be eliminated from the Conquest and another team can join in to replace you.

The Center[]

The temple is located in the big volcano, gravel paths lead players to the entrance closest to them. Capturing is quite simple, if I step into the center, I start capturing and the timer goes down. If an enemy or two join me and try to kill me off, I remain the capturer until I am killed. So if there are 10 of the Red team currently capturing, you will have to kill all of them or have them walk off the point before it switches to your team. The timer is 15 minutes and is cumulative, it will not reset if another team starts to capture.

Wizen Boss[]

If the temple doesn't swap island ownership that often, a powerful beast will spawn in it, targeting everyone, specifically the winning team. It is called the Wizen. The longer people ignore it, and it isn't killed, the more powerful it becomes. Young, Old, Ancient, and World Destroyer. As time goes on the Wizen will gain more abilities, some of these abilities target the current island capturing! Run too far away, get teleported back to the Wizen! The team that finally kill it each receive a large amount of gold.

Joining Conquest[]

There are a few steps to go through to get into Conquest, first is sponsoring! This is done at Jorah the Explorer in the hub. After sponsorship is over, you will be able to queue for conquest on your island, speak to Jorah in the Townhall to queue. Beware, you can be warred during this time, so make sure you are armed with some shield scrolls.

If you have been accepted, you will be notified and will be able to join Conquest shortly after, again through Jorah!

Bam you’re in Conquest. If you are not accepted, that means you did not sponsor enough, if teams are eliminated, you might be chosen to replace them, so hold out hope.


Reward Breakdown[]

Rewards are a little different now. After a lot of discussions, we found that it is important to allow everyone, after some time, to be able to receive top rewards. Conquest is a competitive game, it is end-game content, but we do not want to block that content off completely from islands who might not be able to compete against the top.

End-of-Game Rewards[]

Everyone who participates receives Influence, the higher placed you are, the more you get, see image for values. You receive gold depending on how long you hold the center for “Capture Bonus”. Additionally, 1st place gets a hefty amount of gold for winning.


The Totem is the true prize of winning Conquest, apart from bragging rights. They are the currency that allows you to build The Wonder. More on what the wonder is below. However, how they are obtained has changed compared to old Conquest. Totems are purchasable through the Conquest Shop using influence won in Conquest. Only the Emperor of an island can purchase this. It will take a few Conquest wins before you have enough Influence to buy the Totem, or more than a few if you place lower down in the rankings.

Conquest Shop[]

You can use your winnings to buy items such as scrolls, cargo, and exclusive cosmetics.


The Wonder[]

The Wonder is a big building, built into the terrain next to the waterfall. You’ll see the ruins of the steps up on your island! The Wonder provides buffs per tier, 4 in total. The number of totems you need increase per tier,

Tier 1 = 1 Totem / Tier 2 = 2 Totems / Tier 3 = 3 Totems / Tier 4 = 4 Totems

The Wonder is by far the biggest building on the island, it takes a lot of work to build, and so your workers need a break before they are able to work on upgrading it again. There is a time limit on how often it can be built. No rushing to build it!

Here are the perks for the wonder, for each tier you can only choose one perk. Once you pick it, it cannot be changed. So choose wisely!

Tier 1

- x2 Party Modifier - Having multiple active members on your island at once rewards you with a 'party' bonus. This increases the amount of gold that you gain from depositing resources, having this modifier increases that bonus.

- Repair prices are halved - When a building gets damaged you need to spend resources in order to repair it to make sure it does not get destroyed this perk reduces the cost of the resources required.

Tier 2

- Double warfare match bonus - at the end of the war there is a match bonus given out to both teams. This perk doubles the match bonus for both teams, so if you and the other island have this perk that's even more gold

- +20% extra on shield timers - This perk adds 20% extra to any shield that you have on your island. If you use a 30 minute shield scroll with this perk, your shield will now be 36 minutes.

Tier 3

- 10% chance of resources instantly respawning - This is nice and simple, any resource you mine has a 10% chance to respawn instantly.

- Permanent haste on the island - This gives your tools haste when mining resources

Tier 4

- Buried Treasure - You saw a preview of this in the trailer, upon gathering resources, you have a chance of a treasure map dropping, digging where the 'X' is digs up a casket, this contains tier 4 gear and will drop one per casket.

- Increased drop rate of cargo keys - When gathering resources you have a chance of collecting a cargo key fragment, this perk increases the chance of this occurring.