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Updated: January 12, 2023


Today’s post will solely focus on Mob events! Over the many years of Island Clash, island life has stayed the same - you collect resources and build your buildings. As we add big content, such as Conquest (trailer on the 17th), it is vital to expand and add more depth to the island. For Season 3, we wanted to add something which would break up the normal monotony this is when Mob Events were created.

Credit and thanks to: davidlang55 for the sole development of this feature, huge thanks to him! The design of most of the mobs, Uncurse, Aiboh, and Jakku. Uncurse for creating and re-creating the mobs hundreds of times with me (it was awful), and Jakku for helping with some too. For help with testing, Uncurse, Aiboh, Mada, ShadowTan, ClumsyBlaze, and Tyler.


There are 6 different events, and some have certain conditions which need to be met for them to spawn. Events have a chance to spawn after a certain amount of time, all events have equal chance to spawn, providing conditions are met. There is a slightly lower chance for an event to start if your island has an active shield.

Each event spawns its mobs based on percentages. You might have a Warehouse Raid event with 90% of one mob, and then the next time you see the same event, you won’t see any of that mob. This is great to make sure that each event of the same type provides something different each time you see it.


We choose how many mobs to spawn based on the number of players on the island. If you have two players, we will spawn an appropriate amount of mobs for two people. If you have 8, we will spawn a tonne more. The strength of mobs is based on the level of your Weaponsmith. That is why some mobs are tier 1 and others tier 4. Their damage, health, and effects increase to keep the intensity going!

During the events[]

Once an event has started, you will have a few seconds to prepare before the mobs appear. Use that time wisely, you can no longer teleport to buildings or use double jump (premium) to get around.

Some events are tough if you don’t have strong enough gear. You may find yourself dying a few times. If you die, you will respawn in your townhall and lose 15% of any resources you have on you. You would think you’d just store them quickly before going to the event but nope. The Bank and Warehouse deposits are disabled upon event activation.

The Events[]

The good stuff, here are the 6 Events.

Your Townhall is looking mighty fine, the centerpiece of the island, how about we change that?
The Boss attack event spawns one or two Ancient Guards with Parasite minions to protect them, even if the guards attack them… with high resistance to ranged attacks, you’ll have to get up close to take them down. If you are slow at that, your Townhall will be damaged.

Mining away, I don’t know what to mine, I’ll mine this anyway, In this Mi…
Venomous Spiders, Undead Miners, and Undead Archers infest the Mine, ready to take you on. The Spiders poison is pretty nasty, will they or the confusion from the archers be too much? They’ll damage the Mine if you don’t kill them in time.

Nice warehouse you’ve got there, even better, it holds lots of resources, it would be a shame if it got raided.
Reckless Bandits, Half-Eyed Bandits, Thirsty Dogs, and maybe a Greedy Pickpocketer or two will raid your Warehouse for all it has. Leave the mobs to linger? You’ll lose all of your hard-earned resources.

Chopping logs, enjoying the new Logging Camp when it gets infested with mobs.
Mites and Revenant lumberjacks spawn and attack you, go help your members before the mobs damage the Logging Camp.

Want mobs, we will give you mobs.
The Horde will surround you wherever you are, there are lots of them, Raid Zombies, Raid Skeletons, and Raid Cave Spiders. Watch out for the Raid Skeletons, they are pretty strong. Can’t you take them all down? They will damage a random building.

Shopkeepers are very protective over their stock, don’t make them angry.
Building infiltrations will spawn Undead Guards, Rattling Rangers, and Wild Boars in multiple buildings. Remember teleporting, and double jump are disabled? Good luck getting to them before the shopkeepers anger and increase their prices for 2 hours.

If you want to see the events in action, check out the trailer, where the events feature heavily! Smol embed



As mentioned in the previous post, some of the events drop new custom items. As well as the custom items, you will see mobs drop Gold, Armour, Weapons, Arrows, Wood, and Stone.

Everything mentioned above, mob spawning values, mob stats, and drops, can and will be balanced during the season based on feedback from the community.

That is it for Mob Events! Hope that you enjoy this feature, as it is quite new to Island Clash. The next and last feature post before the big Conquest post will be on.. Warfare! It will focus on the new balancing changes we have made. I will also mention a small but very important feature that will change the island quite a lot. ETA 15th