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Title Update on pre-season and Easter event Link
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It's been a long time without any word from us, there are a few reasons for this but the main one is that we haven't had anything that we could really update you guys on.

Firstly I want to announce our Easter event! We have an Easter themed spawn, titles, emblems and an Easter egg hunt. If you find all 30 eggs hidden around the spawn you get 50 gems and the "Easter" title. So go on and check it out, get yourself some gems that you can use for season 2.

Now onto what you are here for, season 2

Since we ended season 1 early we have fixed a lot of bugs and made changes to important game play features, for example degradation and warfare queue. We want to make sure that season 2 will be a huge step up from season one, because of this we cannot announce, or predict a date when we will be ready. Developers work for free still and do not have contracted hours so any work they do is done in their own time which is why it is taking longer than you would expect. We will however keep you guys updated when we fix bugs etc.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes issue where players would join before the warfare server was ready. This caused the player not to be supported and so would be immortal.
  • Fixed issue where players would be sent to their island too early so they would be sent to a vanilla survival world.
  • Islands no longer 'lose' their emperor due to offline roles not being saved when island is unloaded. This has been bug ever since IC came out in 2015, multiple scripts were wrote to find it but all it took was "is it because they are offline?" - Uncurse 2020, for us to figure the rest out!
  • Fixes issue where giving island members roles would not be saved.
  • Stopped emblem representation from being shown based off of size of emblem's description.
  • Lots of back end improvements
  • Changed the victory point brackets. Islands will now by default start with more victory points, this allows for better distribution of islands among the rankings.
  • General fixes to the new match making system
  • Created a huge system which allows developers to easily upload and test their code, this will save a lot of time in the long run as well as it's ability to expand and have other uses outside of developers.

Voting system change

Voting streaks have changed, it was way too OP before so we have reduced tokens gained through streaks but have also made it more valuable to keep a high streak going each month!

Warfare queue change

Currently you get matched against an island within your victory point range that has the most players on. With season 2 you still get matched within your victory points but you are matched against the island with the highest quality of fairness. An algorithm was made where the quality of the match is put into points. Points are calculated based on the potential war targets building levels compared to yours. For example a difference of 2, level 4 vs level 2, in weapon smith gets you -5 points but a difference of 0, level 4 vs level 4, gets +10 points (example numbers only). This should make it nearly impossible for diamond to go against leather. All other variables are added together to create a number, the warfare target selected will be the island with the most points, giving you the best quality match!

Item rebalancing

damage, protection, durability, potion duration, enchantment buffs and gold cost. Bows now scale damage dependant on the tier of bow, tier 1 no longer does the same damage as tier 4. Protection and unbreaking have been buffed so they are worth the price. Enchantments are no longer limited. For example you can put protection 1-3 and unbreaking 1-3 on Leather, chain, iron and diamond. Or you can have a sharpness 3 wooden sword, go for it.

Moving on

We will continue to fix bugs and add in updates to game play. We already have a plan for changing degradation. After discussing with the content team we are making it scale dependant on your rank in the league. We found degradation wasn't punishing enough for the higher tiered islands so this update will solve that issue. More info will be given into the specifics when we have completed this.

We have also began talks with the content team about how we add Conquest and the wonder back into the game. Immediate problems with the game mode and ways we can update it in the future so it becomes more exciting for everyone who participates.

That is all for now and thank you for your continued support!