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Title Updates - Transparency, community meetings and volunteer devs Link

This is a re-post from an announcement made in discord.

We are moving into the new year so here is an update for you all!
The island loading issues have been mostly fixed, same with warfare and the lag. However we are left with some bugs and major changes that need to be made to the game. We want to thank you for all your continual support and patience as we work though these issues to make the server better.

Feedback Form

Please fill out this form if you have stopped playing Island Clash since launch BECAUSE of a feature or bug. We want to improve the server for you and for us to do that we need a better understanding of what the main issues are which caused people to leave. You can still fill out this form if you are currently playing now and have feedback to do with current features. Obviously the player count has been hit quite badly this past week and we need to know why so many people have left as we need you back! We obviously have our own ideas as to why this has happened but it is so much better to have the confirmation from the people who actually play the game, not just those that run it. This form will not take long if you answer the bare minimum, you can go into more detail if you would like to :)

Community Meetings

Moving forward we will be holding monthly community meetings/gatherings. Myself and Stephen will be present in these where we will listen to and discuss the issues that the server is currently facing, talk about what we can do to fix them and also for us management to let you know what our ideas are! The time/date for the first community meeting is TBD and will be announced in Discord

Patch Notes

Often we have made updates to parts of the network but have not broadcasted these changes. You the players don't realise that changes have been made because we don't need to restart the network to apply them! So we need to keep you guys updated on the changes we are making and how often we are making them! These will be posted in the #development-update channel in our discord whenever there is an update to the game.

Devs & Content team

Within the next few days we are going to be setting up meetings with developers who have offered their assistance in developing for the server. This will hopefully enable us to get more updates/QOL changes out to you guys sooner. Keep your eyes open for applications for the content team. This is a team that will focus on analysing the current issues and coming up with plans to fix them and also plans and ideas for new content that will benefit all players. No current date is set for this so please don't ask!

Moderator Applications

Applications are opening up again for those who wish to become moderator on the server to help us out. Please read this thread before applying.

Clash on!!