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Island Clash classic. What a name ay. The Island Clash you all know and love is back with crux warfare and degradation along with many other things.


When you go to war and lose a random building will be damaged. You can repair these buildings with resources. If a damaged building gets randomly selected again it will be destroyed. This will degrade the building to the previous level. This is a great alternative to the previous degradation that we had. This is less harsh but still allows for the "rush" of needing to repair your building after war.


No more war inventory! All your items in your inventory will get taken to war!

Warfare has returned to crux warfare. Each main building, being townhall, warehouse, mine and logging camp will have a number of crux blocks (emerald blocks) which you will need to break in order to gain stars in the war.

1 Star = Most kills

1 Star = 50% building destruction

1 Star = 100% building destruction

The team with the majority of stars will win the war!


Seasonal leagues are a new feature that we are introducing into Island Clash.


Enchanting your gear will look a little different than you remember. We will still be adding QOL changes to this so don’t worry if it is overwhelming. You can look at all enchants that you are applying to an item by clicking on the enchantment table in the wizards tower! Also you can drag and drop your books onto your armour/weapons. You can only add enchantments to items within the same TH level currently. We will be allowing players to add protection one to diamond gear

Wizards tower book availability by level


Unbreaking I


Sharpness I
Protection I
Power I


Protection II
Sharpness II
Unbreaking II
Power II


Sharpness III
Protection III
Power III
Unbreaking III


Gems are a currency we added in overhaul and is staying in island clash classic. You buy gems on our store, and you can use them at the premium shop in the hub. You can get emblems, titles, gold and 1 day/7 day/14 day/30 day or perm chief rank. You will eventually be able to earn gems through gameplay so everyone will have a chance of being able to purchase something if you can't spend money on the store.


We no longer have civilisation packs! Each skin is gained individually on the island in the building management menu. This means you can have a robot town hall and a ninja warehouse?! Each skin costs a different amount depending on the civilisation theme and the building itself. These can be bought with gems.

Recruit limit

We have made a recruit limit to the amount of people you can accept on your island within 24 hours. This is to stop people at higher tiers from rotating members in and out every day. The limit is TH1 32 Recruits, TH2 16 Recruits, TH3 8 Recruits, TH4 4 Recruits. This gets reset every 24 hours.


Any rank you buy on the webstore is permanent. We currently only have one rank on the store, being chief. We want to make sure that we add ranks which are worth the money that you guys will spend on it and also that all the weekly rewards etc actually work! We will also down the road be adding more items to the webstore as well as the premium store.


We have fully custom armour. All armour is balanced so diamond is not insanely powerful compared to iron. It scales nicely and neatly! This also means we can do some wacky stuff in the future.