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Hey everyone,

We will be shutting down the server tonight to resume tomorrow (please read on).

Our initial estimations for IC launch were anywhere from 150 to 200 players max. We knew we were in trouble when we turned off the server whitelist and within 15 seconds 100 players attempted to join. We 100% appreciate the outstanding support we are receiving so we've made the decision to postpone the launch to make sure we can regroup and re-assess our network structure.

Thank you for understanding that we are all a group of volunteers that all hold the same passion for Island Clash as you do. We all work on Island Clash in our spare time as most of the team already have full time jobs. We couldn't be more thankful for all the support that has been shown today with everyone who has turned up, who previously bought insider and who are buying gems and ranks now.

It is incredible and we are so thankful that after 2 years we can come back and still have all that amazing support. Once we review our systems and make the necessary changes, we'll make sure we make it up to you guys by throwing a big launch party. But our main concern will be making sure we can support the player counts just like the old days.

Please join us tomorrow at 3pm EST (if you're able to) to help stress test the server again and hopefully play for a long time!

- Island Clash team