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This page contains the history of past changes, bug fixes, updates, and announcements to Island Clash as posted on the Island Clash Forums by the Owner.

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Date Official Post Description
December 23 Season 3 Update 2 Mentions what it planned for Season 3 and what is left to do.
July 30 Season 3 Progress Mentions the new website and the internal changes within the team while season 3 has been developed.


Date Official Post Description
October 31 Season 2 Changelog Changelog listing all the content that can be found in the Pre-Season update posts.
October 20 Pre-Season update #4 RELEASE Added information about the release date, launch proceedings, Wonder, and degradation.
August 09 Pre-Season update #3 Added Siege Workshop, Conquest, Wonder, minor changes, and bug fixes.
May 31 Pre-Season update #2 Added Sir Chesterly, Essence Capsules, Backpack, Bank, and bug fixes.
April 08 Update on pre-season and Easter event Added a new warfare system, bug fixes towards island, warfare, and cosmetics, item balancing.
January 28 Content Team Applications Mentions that they are opening positions to become part of the content team, who will work alongside the devs to create new features and discuss ideas.
January 05 Result from poll - Season 1 is ending early Mentions the community meeting that they had and how they will be ending season one early.


Date Official Post Description
December 31 Updates - Transparency, community meetings and volunteer devs Mentions that they will be more transparent with what is going on and will be continuously getting feedback from the community throughout the development of Island Clash.
December 21 Island Clash Classic - Changes Changes to classic Island Clash which include degradation, warfare, leagues/seasons, enchantments, gems, skins, recruit limit, ranks, and item balancing.
December 15 Launch Mentions that Island Clash will be re-released tomorrow as they had technical difficulties due to an unplanned amount of players joining on the first day.
December 14 Seasonal Leagues Information about season leagues - how they will work, why they decided to do this, and rewards.