Island Clash Wiki

This is the GUI that opens when speaking to Broker the Banker in a tier 4 Bank.

The Bank is a place-able building that can be constructed at any location on the island and can also be upgraded using an island's resources. This building allows for players to store items on their island and collect rewards from cargo crates and seasonal rewards. The Bank can have skins, which changes its layout and cosmetic look. Current Bank skins include Human skin (default), Elven skin, Ninja skin, Futuristic skin, and Demonic skin.

Each tier of the Bank will provide players with 7 extra slots for players to store items.


In order to upgrade the Bank, a player must expend Wood and Stone and also wait for the upgrade time to expire. Each upgrade unlocks 7 more slots in the Bank to store more items.

Construction of Bank 1 | 115 stone, 315 wood, 10 minutes | Rewards: 7 slots

Bank 1 → Bank 2 | 510 stone, 1190 wood, 40 minutes | Rewards: 14 slots 

Bank 2 → Bank 3 | 1395 stone, 3255 wood, 65 minutes | Rewards: 21 slots

Bank 3 → Bank 4 | 2460 stone, 5740 wood, 90 minutes | Rewards: 27 slots


October 31, 2020 Added the Bank.