Island Clash Wiki

The Armory is a place-able building that can be constructed at any location on the island and can also be upgraded using an island's resources. This building allows for players to purchase armor with Gold for use in Warfare with other islands. To purchase armor, the player must speak with Frank the Tank inside the Armory building. The Armory can have skins, which changes its layout and cosmetic look. Current Armory skins include Human skin (default), Elven skin, Ninja skin, Futuristic skin, and Demonic skin.

Each tier of Armory will provide players with the ability to purchase better armor, indicated by the material the armor is made out (leather, chain, iron, diamond) and each armor's statistics seen by hovering over the item. Unlike Vanilla Minecraft, all armor pieces of the same tier will have equal durabilities, meaning all armor will break at the same time.



Although this building supplies players with armor to use in Warfare, this armor must be purchased before Warfare starts. Thus, the building serves no purpose during Warfare.


In order to upgrade the Armory, a player must expend Wood and Stone and also wait for the upgrade time to expire. Each upgrade also allows for Frank the Tank to sell higher quality armor for players to purchase with Gold.

Construction of Armory 1 | 96 stone, 24 wood, 15 minutes | Reward: Cloth Armor

Armory 1 → Armory 2 | 360 stone, 90 wood, 30 minutes | Reward: Soldier's Armor

Armory 2 → Armory 3 | 1200 stone, 300 wood, 45 minutes | Reward: Commander's Armor

Armory 3 → Armory 4 | 4160 stone, 1040 wood, 60 minutes | Reward: Royal Armor


December 21, 2019 Added the Armory.
October 31, 2020 Added Demonic Skin